Norway dents its way into the Yuletide

Dent dents carIf you heed the following advice, you can avoid getting an extra expensive Christmas. Breathe calmly, be alert and be sure to have a good overview. Think about where you park and reverse park, NAF encourages. Photo: Colourbox /NAF

Norwegians dents their way into the Yuletide

The pre-Christmas time is «prime time» for minor dents, incidents and accidents in the traffic. The statistics show that December 22nd was the worst denting day in December of 2017, with almost 2000 traffic incidents in 24 hours. – Calm down, lower your shoulders and take your time when you park, to avoid an extraordinary expensive Christmas, encourages Communications Manager in NAF (Norwegian RAC), Camilla Ryste.


Thousands of Norwegians are now stressing to find the last gifts. Before you know it, you are in the same stressful situation, running from store to store and was «only» hurrying to the last shop to purchase the very last present. Then follows the bang.

– We virtually dent our way into the Yuletide. A look at last year’s statistics shows that we are denting for millions before Christmas. On December 20th and 21st, 2017, just over 1800 Norwegians dented each day, while on December 22nd the number was closer to 2000, statistics from Finance Norway show, according to Ryste.

Lower on the Eve itself

The day before Christmas Eve is the number of reports is 1452, while Christmas Eve only has 619 claims. The statistics from Finance Norway are based on claims for damages submitted to the Norwegian insurance companies.

– If you adhere to the following advice, you can avoid paying for an extra expensive “gift”. Breathe calmly, pay attention and be sure to have a good overview. Think about where you park and reverse park, Ryste advises.

– When you reverse park, it’s much easier to exit cautiously when you move on. If you chance to witness an incident, inform immediately or write down the registration number(s). It helps a lot for the person who has his or her car dented, Ryste concludes.


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