Norway, one of the most expensive countries in Europe – where does the money go?

Good coffeeGood coffee: Thomas Brun / NTB scanpix

When you think of Norway, your first thought is probably that it is expensive, right? So what do you think Norwegians use most of their money on? The savings portal have done an analysis on consumer trends in Norway, and found some interesting facts compared to Spain.

The second biggest expense in Norway after childcare is transportation. And the difference between Spain and Norway is shocking! The consumer trend analysis shows that Norwegians pay 93% more for transportation than the Spanish daily. Also for the expenses for childcare, we can see a big difference, where the Spaniards pays only 17% of what the Norwegians do.

There is no secret that Norway is an expensive country to live in, but even though, Spain is actually more expensive in one area. Mobile costs. The difference is not that big, but it is there. In Norway they pay 0.53% less than in Spain for mobile costs per day. A bit surprising maybe, since Spain overall is a cheaper country than Norway?

What else do Norwegians use their money on?

Coffee, alcohol, cigarettes and snus – what is the biggest expense for Norwegians? Coffee, of course. Norway is known for being a big consumer of coffee, and pays 84% more for coffees daily than the second biggest daily expense, beers. While Norwegians are drinking coffee, Spain is drinking wine, that is the biggest expense in this group before cigarettes and then coffee and beer.

To make Norwegians more aware of their use of money, CupoNation made an interactive infographic based on this analyse that shows how much money Norwegians use in the different categories in average per day. The money in the infographic is shown in NOK. 1 NOK = 0,16 EUR. Where does your money go?


Source: / Norway Today