Norway’s star chef takes on Bocuse d’Or Europe today

Christian André PettersenPhoto: Vidar Ruud / NTB

Norway’s 2019’s chef of the year Christian André Pettersen is chasing the award podium at the European Chefs’ Championships on Friday.

Christian André Pettersen was born and raised in Bodø. 

He has dreamed of becoming a world-class chef since he was nine years old.

From 8.40 AM on Friday, he has worked with the Norwegian team on the preliminary secret menu that will be presented to the judges later in the day. 

Everything is being streamed directly online.

According to the schedule set by Bocuse d’Or Norway, Pettersen will deliver his first dish at 1:40 PM and his main dish at 2:15 PM. 

The award ceremony and the nomination of this year’s European Champion will take place at 4 PM.

Saving the best for Lyon

Pettersen participated in the European finals in culinary art before, in Turin, in 2018, where he won. 

However, in the world finals of Bocuse d’Or in Lyon, he came in third place, behind the Danes and Swedes. 

“The last time, we won Europe by a very large margin, and that created an extreme expectation for Lyon. 

“This time, the goal is reaching the podium in the European final, so we will hold on revealing some of the goodies we have developed until Lyon,” Pettersen told

Coronavirus impact

This year’s competition will be quite different due to the coronavirus situation in the world. 

Turkey, Croatia, Great Britain, and Belgium withdrew, so only 16 out of the 20 countries are participating this year. 

Furthermore, there will also be no spectators cheering in the stands.

“It is nice and quiet,” coach Gunnar Hvarnes said to newspaper Stavanger Aftenblad after he and the rest of the team toured the arena the day before the competition.

He revealed that the Norwegian team would focus on good and seasonal ingredients – wild mushrooms, vegetables, flowers, and many green, good flavors. 

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