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Norwegian children want to hike more often

Norsk Friluftsliv Children Nature Norwegian childrenEnjoying Norwegian Nature. Photo: Norsk Friluftsliv


One half of Norwegian children want to go hiking more often

46 percent of Norwegian children want to be more often out in nature – and it is quite ok if the parents nag a bit, according to a recent study.


Six out of ten children respond that they would go more often on hikes if accompanied by friends, while one half of the children would be more out in the wild if parents and family are involved, according to a survey Ipsos has performed on behalf of Norwegian Outdoor Life (Norsk Friluftsliv).

– Figures show that children are concerned with much more things than Smartphone’s and computers. Nature experiences are actually appealing to both young and old. Lamenting about the lack of internet coverage usually subsides during the first day as the children find other things to activate them, says Secretary General in Norwegian Outdoors, Lasse Heimdal.

A bit of nagging is no problem

He encourages parents to take more responsibility for taking the children out into the wild.

– We also see that children actually do not mind a little nagging about joining in and getting out. Nature gives children challenges and experiences they do not experience in everyday life. What the kids remembers when they reach adulthood, is not the distance, but the experience, says Heimdal.



© NTB Scanpix /Norsk Friluftsliv / Norway Today


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