Norwegian men care less about gender equality than women

The International Women's Day in Oslo.Oslo 20180308.The International Women's Day in Oslo.Photo : Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix

More than half of Norwegian women, but only 1 in 3 men, believe that Norwegian authorities’ should work for women’s rights globally as very important, research shows.


“Should gender equality become a reality, globally, women can not be those who mostly ‘swing the lasso’. We in Norway should be in the fore front and show that equality is equally important for both sexes,” said Kari Helene Partapuoli, Secretary General of Plan International Norway, in a press release.

The Norstat survey, conducted for Plan International Norway, shows that 58 percent of women in Norway believe it is “very important” that the Norwegian authorities work for gender equality and women’s rights globally, compared with 36 percent among men.

On the other hand, 81 percent of Norwegian women responded that they are “very high” or “quite a big deal” for gender equality, compared to 68 percent among men.

The UN’s sustainability goal states that the world will end all forms of gender discrimination and violence against girls and women by 2030. This has little faith in the Norwegian population.

The survey shows that only 12 percent of Norway’s population over 18 years of age, believe the world is able to reach sustainability targets. There is a significant difference between those under 30 who are most positive and those over 40 who are most negative.


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