Norwegian researchers are investigating whether tanning can protect against the Corona virus

Sørenga in OsloPeople enjoy sun, summer and swimming at Sørenga in Oslo.Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB scanpix

Norwegian researchers are investigating if tanning has an effect against the Corona virus.”There has been some indication that vitamin D gives some protection.”, says the head researcher.

Over 140,000 Norwegians will take part in the study. They have answered a set of questions about themselves, Life, and Covid-19 three times. The last set had multiple questions about tanning, writes NRK.

-” We wonder if there is something positive connected to tanning, and it would have been great if  we discover something useful for society. Something we could use against the virus.”, said Arne Søraas, The researcher and doctor leading the study at Oslo University Hospital.

Researchers worldwide have speculated if vitamin D is especially important now during the pandemic. If there is something special about the radiation we get from ultraviolet light from the sun that hits our skin. 

-” Data points towards vitamin D giving some protection against severe cases of Covid-19.”, tells Søraas. 

There is relatively little research published on vitamin D in connection with the virus. Some studies found no connection, while others have shown a clear connection.

A group of Chinese researchers came with a previously unpublished study in June. It concluded that vitamin D reduces the amount of virus infected cells from people.

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  1. Vitamins A, C, D and zinc boost the immune system. Getting some sun makes your body produce its own vitamin D. Don’t wait for a vaccine to take care of yourself

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