Norwegian women plan to eat less meat in 2021

Meat - butcherPhoto: Gorm Kallestad / NTB

More women than before say that they will reduce their meat consumption in the coming year, while fewer men say the same.

The data was revealed in a survey Sentio has carried out for the newspaper Nationen.

The survey question was: “The World Health Organization warns against eating too much red meat. Are you planning to reduce your intake of red meat in 2021?” 

Four out of ten women and two out of ten men in Norway answer “yes” to the question.

People are the most positive about cutting down on meat in Oslo and other big cities. 

In Oslo, 35% answered that they want to reduce meat consumption, compared with 16% in rural areas.

Among people in their 60s, 75% answered “no” to the question, while for people over 70, the proportion amounted to 81%.

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