Norwegians are hugging again, survey shows

Siv Jensen - Bent HøiePhoto: Vidar Ruud / NTB

More than four out of ten Norwegians say they hugged someone last week, figures from the Norwegian Corona Monitor survey show.

During the pandemic, the Norwegian corona monitor survey from Opinion has asked 25,500 Norwegians if they have given a hug to someone who does not live in their own household in the last week.

In August, 43% said they had hugged someone. That is 8% higher than in July and as much as 19% above the average for the pandemic.

“During the pandemic, this is a hugging record… But a majority are still trying to hold back on hugging those they do not live with,” senior adviser Nora Clausen at Opinion noted.

In the last week, almost four out of ten people (37%) said they have been in situations where many people gathered, making it impossible to keep a meter of distance from others. That is 7% higher than in July.

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  1. it s nice to see people hugging again. i have been in norway for 11 years and now i have to go to Serbia to hug my girlfriend i havent seen in more than year and a half. nobody says anything about the drama of separated couple and politician smile. sad

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