Norwegians drink the least in the Nordic countries

Drinking red wineDrinking red wine. Photo:

A new report shows that Norwegians are the ones who drink the least in the Nordic countries. On average, every Norwegian over 15 years drinks 6.8 liters of pure alcohol annually.

The Norwegian figures are as of 2016 and include tax-free and border trade. In comparison, Danes over the age of 14 drink an average of 9.1 liters of pure alcohol, according to 2017 figures.

The report was presented during a gathering for all the world’s alcohol monopolies, held in Oslo on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. The collection includes 17 states from the US and half of Canada, as well as the Nordic countries Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

“The fact that alcohol consumption in Norway is relatively low may indicate that the wine monopoly scheme works as intended. Our social mission is to ensure responsible sales of alcohol. Therefore, this is a gratifying figure for us,” says Elisabeth Hunter, acting CEO of the Vinmonopolet.

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