Norwegians eat many animals during their lifetime

Pigs, MRSA bacteria Pig FarmerFree range pigs, a rarety in modern farmong. Photo:

New report: how much meat is ate during a Norwegians lifetime

Every Norwegian eats 1,203 animals in their lifetime, according to a new report by The Future in Our Hands ( FRAMTIDEN I VÅRE HENDER ). However meat eating has gone down.

Last year showed  estimates that every Norwegian ate 1,352 animals in their lifetime. This corresponds to a decrease of about two kilograms of meat, per person, per year.

The calculations were made by The Future in Our Hands (FIOH), based on figures from Statistics Norway (SSB).

– This is actually a notable decline. I think more Norwegians have realized that vegetarian food can be a good option. We have many more recipes, cooks and people who promote meat-free options.

Now you can actually go in the freezer counter in most stores and find alternatives to meat that are easy to make, according leader in FIOH, Arild Hermstad, to newspaper VG.

The report divided  different animals we eat in one lifetime, according to the report Norwegians eat on average as follows below.

• Nearly seven bulls and cows.

• 30 pigs.
• Approximately 24 sheep and lambs.
• Slightly over three reindeer and deer.
• Nearly six small game
• 1211 chickens and other poultry.
• In addition, smaller quantities of meat from other animals such as horses, goats and rabbits.
Source: Newspaper VG / Norway Today