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Norwegians not among the ten happiest nations on earth



Norway has the world’s 13th most happy population according to a survey in which only the inhabitants own answers are counted. Paraguay topped the list for the third consecutive year.


In the measurements performed by Gallup annually,over 1,000 people from 140 countries spoke out about their yesterdays. Among other things, they responded to whether they were treated with respect, whether they felt a lot of joy, whether they smiled or laughed,and if they were sad or angry wrote Aftenposten newspaper, who had access to the Gallup report.

In Norway, 97% say they were treated with respect the day before, while 88% felt a lot of joy. Two out of three felt restless, while 10% were angry for big parts of the day.

With 78 out of 100 points, Norway shares the 13th place with Denmark, Iceland and Mexico according to Aftenposten. A total of eight of the twelve happiest countries are in Latin American.

“The high proportion of positive experiences in Latin America, at least partially reflects a cultural trend in the region to focus on the bright sides of life,” concluded Gallup.

In March, Norway sank for the second time in the annual UN report of the world’s happiest country. Finland (incredibly) now tops that list. This report gives a completely different result because it takes into account factors such as purchasing power, financial differences, and life expectancy.


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