Here comes the wet and miserable season

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Here comes the wet and miserable late autumn

After a short spell of summer has snuck in between the autumn showers in early October, there will be a noticeable drop in temperature across Norway next week. The wet and miserable part of the year is upon us.


Precipitation will vary next week, but throughout Norway, it is forecast higher temperatures into the weekend. Up to 15 degrees Centigrade and sunny weather can be expected in some places in southern Norway. Then it will come to an end. The next week will be marked by a drop on the thermometer from the south to the north of Norway.

Few places one can expect to see the quicksilver creeping below the freezing point during the daytime, but stable temperatures of between two and eight degrees Centigrade coupled with northerly winds will affect the whole country, according to the long-term forecasts from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute.

Even in the interior around the Mjøsa lake, it will be relatively warm this weekend. Light clouds and periods of sun will provide daytime temperatures of ten degrees Centigrade or more. A little further south and off the coast, the meteorologists forecast up to 15 degrees Celsius in Skien and Porsgrunn. In the far north, around Hammerfest, it is forecast about five degrees centigrade this weekend and further east in Finnmark, the daytime temperature will stay just above the freezing point of water.

Not necessarily winter, yet

– It is not necessarily the winter that is approaching, but it is not unusual for such a change to happen in October, says on-duty Meteorologist at the Meteorological Institute, Eldbjørg Moxnes to NTB.

She says that people across Norway will notice colder air coming in from the north as of the start of next week. Apart from a noticeable fall in temperature across the country, the wind direction will lead to different weather according to where you are.

.- It will be a lot of clear skies with night frost and morning mist, with little or no precipitation over large tracts of Eastern Norway, Moxnes continues.

Still wet in Stavanger and Bergen

Western Norway from Rogaland to the south and past Stad, on the other hand, can, as per usual, expect wet weather. Although the wind changes direction and it gets colder, the rain will continue to pour down over Western Norway, and the city between the seven mountains (Bergen) in particular.

On Wednesday, the Meteorological Institute published an overview showing that so far in November, 380 millimetres has come down at the (ironically named) measurement station, Florida in Bergen. That is nearly 200 millimetres more than at the same time in the record year, 1983.

– 200 millimetres is needed before the end of the month to beat that record, but it is not impossible. It will still be very wet in Bergen, according to Moxnes.

Extreme warning in Nordland

Nordland county can expect unusually heavy rainfall before the weekend. Wednesday there was issued a warning about extreme rainfall with a hazard level of yellow as of Thursday night. The warning states that people must be prepared for between 30 and 50 millimetres of precipitation over a period of just 12 hours.

– There will be heavy winds with copious rain, but the rainfall will decrease in this area during Friday, the meteorologist rounds off.


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