Obesity researcher wants to kill slimming myths

Overweight obesity shorter heavierIllustration.Photo: Pixabay

Consultant, Rønnaug Ødegård at the Department for Children and Young People at St. Olav’s Hospital in Trondheim will kill the myth that exercise helps to lose weight.

To NRK news, Ødegård, who works with research related to obesity at the Regional Center for Obesity Research and Innovation at St. Olav’s Hospital, said that the claim makes it unnecessarily complicated to lose weight.

‘’Eat less, and this I think is something we have sinned about before. We have held up physical activity and exercise as a necessary component to losing weight.

It certainly is not. Research shows us this with certainty both for children and adults’’ said Ødegård.

She emphasised that training has a clear place in obesity treatment, but not as a measure for weight reduction in itself. But she wants to revise the public “truth” that exercise is a necessary component to losing weight.

‘’The information that reaches people must be correct. It is important for the public education to get the truth out about this’’ said Ødegård.

She said it is unethical for doctors and authorities to say that exercise helps to lose weight.

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