One out of ten regrets tattoo

I regret my tattoo.I regret my tattoo.Photo Sara Johannessen / SCANPIX

One out of ten respondents say that they regret their tattoo. It is worse for those with many children.
This is revealed in a survey made by Norstat  .
In the survey 10 percent of  the respondents who have got a tattoo say that they completely agree or somewhat agree with the statement “I regret my tattoo.” The vast majority, 65 percent,  however, replied that they totally disagree with the statement.
The proportion of respondents who have considered removing the tattoo is 8 percent.
The survey also reveals that the proportion of the respondents who regret their tattoo, is larger among those with children. Among those with three or more children, the proportion who regret their tattoo is at 20 percent.
The survey is conducted on behalf of the Remove, a laser clinic that removes tattoos.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today