1 in 3 live in hazardous congested areas

Photo: Berit Keilen / SCANPIX

One in three live in congested areas hazardous for children

34 per cent of the population lives in areas that are dangerous for children, according to Statistics Norway.


The figures appear in the Living Conditions Survey of Statistics Norway (Statistics Norway).

It is in the cities that this hazard is greatest with a share of 42 per cent. In sparsely populated areas, the proportion is 25 per cent. Half of those who report that they live in hazardous areas are young people under the age of 25.

12 per cent reported that they are bothered by noise from a street or a road, from aircrafts, businesses or construction when they are outdoors.  9 per cent of young Norwegians state that they have sleep problems due to noise.

The proportion of criminality, violence or vandalism in residential areas is highest in the cities, by 7 per cent. By comparison, only 1 per cent of those living a non-dense areas report that they are bothered with the same type of problems.


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