One in three men believe that pregnant women can drink a glass of wine

SurrogatyPregentant woman. Photo: Pixabay

Every third man and every fourth woman agree that “a pregnant woman can drink a glass of wine at a dinner or while entertaining”, according to a new survey.


The survey was done by Respons Analysis on behalf of the Directorate of Health.

“While a woman knows that she should not drink alcohol during pregnancy, it is obviously not well anchored in society,” says Ellen Margrethe Carlsen, Director of the Directorate of Health.

Alcohol can damage the fetus in all phases of pregnancy. There is no safe limit for alcohol intake, and therefore, the Directorate of Health recommends that a woman should not consume alcohol during pregnancy.

“It’s much easier to abstain if women did not have to hear, “you should be able to have one glass of wine,” says Carlsen.

Children who are exposed to alcohol during pregnancy risk several types of injuries.

-Such injuries may include, brain injury or impaired intelligence that are not easily detected. They can present small or big challenges socially, during developmental school years and after once in a work environment,” says Carlsen.

Other children may experience more severe injuries and will depend on guidance throughout their lives.


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