Online customs auction is underway!

customs auction motorbikeCustoms Sells impounded goods on Qxl. Photo: Norwegian Customs

Online customs auction is underway! Also about FTA’s

Are you looking for a motorbike, laptop, Iphone, dog cage or windows? There are a lot of exciting items on offer in the current Customs auction on The auction will end on March 11th. The links regarding Free Trade Agreements involving Norway point to pages in English. 


Examples of items on offer in the Norwegian Customs auction

Husqvarna cross motor cycle

Iphone 8

Dog cage

The seized goods are sold to provide income for the state.

You can influence the rules of the Free Trade Agreements

Free Trade Agreements are entered into with a view to giving Norwegian companies improved conditions in international trade. You can improve market access for your goods in other markets that have previously been protected by high tariff barriers.

In order for us to be able to work for an end result that best suits Norwegian businesses, we must have a complete overview of wishes and needs for market access / protection.

We therefore wish for input for optimization of the procedural rules in existing and future Free Trade Agreements.

How liberal these rules should be is the subject to negotiations. Process rules may change even in existing agreements.

Input can be sent by e-mail to


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