Over 2,200 investigations need to be reviewed again after radiologists overlook serious mistakes


After an increasing number of supervisory cases against two radiologists in Hamar, the employer took action. Now one radiologist has lost his job.


In addition, Unilab will review over 2,200 CT investigations.

Unilabs in Hamar has received several complaints that discovery has been overlooked on investigations. Two radiologists had carried out the investigations.

“This has meant that we have terminated our working relationship with one radiologist, while the other does not conduct surveys at the moment,” said medical spokesman, Roar Pedersen of Unilab Norway to NRK news.

Pedersen said that they deplore the burden and consequences this case has had for the people concerned.

When the complaints came, the department conducted a major examination of investigations made by the two radiologists. Pedersen says that they are now familiar with 39 non-conformities.

‘’Errors can happen, and no radiologists go through a whole career without making mistakes. But in these two cases, we’ve got overcrowding of errors in some fields’’ he said.

Since 2017, the hospital Innlandet has reported twelve serious undesired events after image surveys at Unilabs in Hamar.

Unilabs has reported the relationship to the County Governor, and the case is now in progress with the Norwegian National Board of Health.


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