Overconfidence dangerous on slippery roads

Drive winter slippery roadsBe cautios when driving under difficult conditions. Photo: VanveenJF / Unsplash

Overconfidence can be dangerous on slippery roads

6 out of 10 Norwegian motorists rarely or never feel unsafe on slippery roads, according to a recent survey. “Overconfidence in your own skills behind the wheel can increase the risk of accidents,” Georg Richvoldsen of Codan Insurance warns.

In a Norstat survey, 4 out of 10 respond that they sometimes or always feel insecure under slippery conditions. 6 out of 10 drivers state that they rarely or never are feeling unsafe when it is slippery.

This winter has been characterized by difficult driving conditions all over Norway. The Norwegian Road Traffic Centre once again issues warnings about slippery roads in large parts of the country.

“Slow down and maintain a safe distance,” urges the Road Traffic Centre.

Several accidents on slippery roads

The slippery conditions provide difficult driving conditions and lead to several road accidents. Many of the accidents on the slippery slopes are avoidable.

“Many winter accidents happen because motorists do not slow down sufficiently when there is a lot of snow or ice. So simple, and yet so difficult,” Communications Manager in Codan Insurance, Georg Richvoldsen, says.

Overconfidence in own abilities

The fact that many drivers do not adjust their speed to the circumstances, may indicate that they have too much faith in their own skills.

“You should not be afraid behind the steering wheel. When the survey shows that 6 out of 10 Norwegians rarely or never are insecure under slippery conditions, you may safely assume that many are driving with a false sense of security on slippery roads,” Richvoldsen continues.

Males are the most confident in their skills

The Norstat figures show that males feel safer under slippery conditions than female drivers. Among men, more than 70 per cent responds that they are rarely or never insecure on slippery roads. 40 per cent of women says the same.

“Men are more often involved in accidents than women are. Many men ought to have more respect for demanding driving conditions,” Richvoldsen concludes.

5 tips for safer winter driving

  • Assess the weather and conditions. Consider leaving the car at home.
  • Adjust speed to conditions and keep distance.
  • Make sure you have good winter tires.
  • Learn how the brakes function under difficult conditions.
  • Make sure to have the necessary safety equipment in the car.

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