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Part-time bilingual (English and Norwegian) Interviewer-Ghostwriter, Kristiansand, Vest-Adger, Norway

LifeBookLifeBook Interviewer-Ghostwriter.Photo LifeBook


The role of the LifeBook Interviewer-Ghostwriter is to help capture amazing stories about a person’s life.

You will build a relationship with the author and play a vital role in bringing to life, and recording in print, their autobiographical stories, creating their legacy. To gather content for the book, you will visit the author, usually in their own home, typically once a week over a three month period.

You will digitally record each weekly meeting, which will last about 90 minutes. You will then write each audio recording in turn into a manuscript for the book, which will build stage by stage into the final shape of the autobiography. You will be part of a project team working closely with an editor and a project manager. To be successful, you must keep the author’s ‘true voice’ whilst using the interviews to fully capture and expand their life story.

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Source: / Norway Today