More and more people are baking their own Christmas cookies

Christmas cookiesChristmas cookies

More and more Norwegians choose to bake their own cakes for Christmas. A new survey shows that more than six out of ten people will bake one or more cakes for Christmas this year,.


The survey was conducted by Sentio for Nationen newspaper, and it shows that 62%of those asked will bake one or more cake items this year. In a similar survey in 2013,the number was 57%.

‘The trend is clear. A growth of five percentage points for self-baking for Christmas over four years confirms the impression that we are working on dietary development, and food culture after having travelled over land and sea, with courses and lectures’, said food historian, and cookbook author, Bodil Nordjore.

But seven types of cake? According to the survey, only 1 in 20 (5%) hold on to the tradition of seven self-made cake types for Christmas. The age group of between 25 to 35 are the most diligent. 7% make it out with seven varieties of Christmas cookies and cakes.

The largest age group for home bakers is between 18 to 22 years, with a total of 77%. Between 23 and 35 years of age, the figure was 63%.

‘Holidays and family gatherings means a lot for the youngsters today, and of course, home baked cakes are the status symbol par excellence. More and more people also choose to involve the children and toddlers in parts of Christmas baking, and other food culture’, said Nordjore.


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