More and more people use the bike for transport

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More and more people use the bike as a means of transport

Morgan Andersson in the Syklistenes Landsforening says there is a change going on, from people using a bike to exercise in to use it as a means of transport.


In conjunction with the bicycle’s day on Saturday, General Secretary Andersson in the Cyclist Association comments on the trend.

“Previously, people primarily used the bike for training purposes, now it is much more use as a means of transport, especially in the cities. It’s about time, even if it does not happen overnight, he says to NRK.

In a survey conducted by Norstat for the National Association it appears that 75 per cent in Norway have bicycles. The survey shows that two out of three Norwegians want to use it more often. At the same time, the survey shows that only 27 percent of the cyclists think that their employer does enough to facilitate cycling to work.

To, Andersson says that the benefits are great for employers, who make it possible for more employees to ride to work, such as better health for the employees and strengthened bottom line due to reduced sick leave. Of the women asked, 70 per cent says that they wanted to ride a bike more often. The corresponding proportion for men was 63 per cent.

Many of the bicycle association’s local chapters celebrate the bicycle’s anniversary of the bike in connection with the day of the bike.


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