PHOTO Three Norwegians set out to create world’s most beautiful gaming experience. Here’s the result

Assassins Creed ValhallaPhoto: Steffen Walstad

In the far north of Norway, video game company Ubisoft set out to create the world’s most beautiful gaming experience for the launch of their new game, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. They succeeded.

In late October, three Norwegians set out on a mission given by Ubisoft Nordic – to create the world’s most beautiful gaming experience.

The target? 

The world-famous islands of Lofoten, where the northern lights dance in the sky and the weather can be your worst enemy and your best friend, almost simultaneously. 

The group had to endure everything from hail to stormy winds, but in the end, the mysterious and beautiful northern lights finally appeared.

The target for the trip was to get one perfect picture of the world’s most beautiful gaming experience in the place that held a lot of inspiration for the actual Assassin’s Creed Valhalla game.

“When we heard the idea of creating what essentially must be the world’s most beautiful, if somewhat cold, gaming experience, we were immediately on board. 

“First and foremost, the concept really fits the game. In the photo, we have a great looking gaming station in arguably one of the world’s most beautiful places, which has perhaps been the seat of one of the most powerful Viking chieftains in Norway. What more can you ask for in one picture?” Michael Jensen, Communication Manager at Ubisoft Nordic, said.

Thorough research

A couple of years ago, the narrative director on Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Darby McDevitt and his team did their research in the picturesque northern area.

“We visited the Lofoten Islands for a week back at the end of 2018 and spent quite a lot of time hiking, sailing, and exploring. On our final night, we spent a full day at the Lofotr Viking museum and ended up attending a feast at the end of the night, in which we role-played as Norse clans coming together for a Thing (a Viking meeting/council). 

“The Lofoten Islands were an incredible and awe-inspiring place, and the majesty of Norway is undeniable in our version of the game,” McDevitt said.

And if you ask the local Norwegians, they were very happy with the visit.

“It was a pleasure having Ubisoft and their team here. What impressed us was how well educated they were on the area and the Viking history. 

“They had several very thorough questions about minor details that we don’t get very often. I think this dedication to detail is why the AC games have been so successful all over the world, and we truly look forward to people immersing themselves in our Viking history,” Hege Anita Eilertsen, head of marketing at Lofotr Vikingmuseum, noted.

In a real chieftain’s footsteps

Borg, where the Viking museum is located and where the world’s most beautiful gaming experience was set up, is actually the historical seat of what is possibly Northern Norway’s most influential Vikings.

“The find here on Borg is the largest longhouse (Viking house) ever uncovered in the world. This must mean that the chieftain that resided here over 1,000 years ago was one of the richest and most powerful Vikings in Northern Norway. 

“We believe that makes the gaming experience extra special. Not only is it in what we would consider the most beautiful place on Earth, but it is also placed on what was probably the starting point for all raids and seafaring for one of the most powerful Vikings in our part of the world,” Eilertsen said.

A true Viking collaboration

There was no shortage of people wanting to help make the world’s most beautiful gaming experience a reality. 

PR-operatørene, an Oslo based PR agency who led the project, quickly got photographer Steffen Walstad on board. He also brought Kite Communications on board. 

Locally in Lofoten, the Viking museum was a prime partner in making the project happen. 

Furthermore, the project received great support from Vegeir Selboe at Destination: Lofoten. The drone film would not have been possible without the Lofoten Film Collective, and the equipment of the actual gaming station was provided by MSI.

“We at Ubisoft were really overwhelmed by the Norwegian spirit in this project, and we truly believe that all the involved parties have succeeded in creating the perfect way to experience our upcoming title Assassin’s Creed Valhalla,” Michael Jensen said. 

Source: Ubisoft Nordic / Norway Today


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