PHOTO: Walrus decides to sleep in a boat in Kragerø: “We are a bit confused about what to do”

Photo: Kragerø Brannvesen / NTB

Firefighters in Kragerø were called to intervene when a walrus ended up in a leisure boat on Saturday afternoon. They got it out of the boat, but the walrus swam back to the boat.

The leisure boat in question is moored at a floating pier at Stabbestad just outside Kragerø.

“It is a boat that is too deep in the water because a walrus has gotten into it. We have people on site who are trying to get it out,” on-duty officer Harald Kleppo at Sør-Øst 110 told NTB on Saturday afternoon.

“The walrus seems to be sleeping in the boat, so we are a bit confused about what to do,” Kleppo told the newspaper VG at the time.

Got back in

Later on Saturday, officer Tom Berger informed Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) that the fire brigade had gotten the walrus out of the boat, but that it swam back into the boat.

“So now it will be allowed to lie there until it wants to go out itself,” he added.

The Coast Guard has cordoned off the area. 

“We have set up barricades around the area,” Sigbjørn Vågene in the Coast Guard told NRK.

Sunbathing on a pier

In May, a walrus was observed sunbathing on the pier in Langesund.

Berger thinks it may be the same walrus that has been in the district for a while. He reminds people that it has been announced earlier that it should be allowed to be at peace.

Doctoral fellow Rune Aae at the University of Southeast Norway confirmed that it is the same walrus.

“It is Freya; the animal has been in the area for a long time,” he told NTB.

A map of Freya’s movements shows that she took the trip from Denmark via Sweden in March and that in recent months she has been on both the east and west sides of the Outer Oslofjord.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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3 Comments on "PHOTO: Walrus decides to sleep in a boat in Kragerø: “We are a bit confused about what to do”"

  1. From Wonderfully Bad Jokes:

    Where does a 500 pound gorilla sit?

    Wherever it wants.


    Atlantic walrus females average 560kg/1230lbs, and it is heartwarming to see Freya sunning and sleeping where she wants. 🙂

  2. yvonne lunde andreassen | 13. June 2022 at 17:45 | Reply

    thanks – made my day…..some sense left in the world !

  3. Liv Seabrook | 18. August 2022 at 22:45 | Reply

    Freya was left alone in other countries, some Norwegians were worried she would drown if moved, so she was put down. She never attacked people in any of the countries she visited and would have left the Oslofjord of her own free will, there was no need for Norwegian psychopaths to decide to get rid of her. There must be many, many Norwegians thoroughly ashamed of this evil deed for which there is no excuse whatsoever.

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