Pleasant weather expected in Østafjells – but it will be colder and grayer elsewhere in the country

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A high-pressure system on the way north means that there will be nice summer days ahead for those who live in Østafjells (areas east of the Langfjellene mountain range). However, in the rest of the country, falling temperatures and rain are expected.

“It seems that the south and east of Norway will get the best weather in the next few days – it will be hot with temperatures around 25-30 degrees in some places,” meteorologist Martin Grønerud at the Meteorological Institute told NTB.

For those who live elsewhere in the country who are a little tired of getting that message, there is a high-pressure system on the way from Portugal to look forward to. 

“The high pressure is heading north, and as it looks now, it will stop at the British Isles on Saturday. But the south and east of Norway are conveniently located and will get some of the heat associated with the high pressure,” Grønerud said.

Gray and changing weather elsewhere in the country

If you live in Western Norway (Vestlandet), you have another reason to be annoyed by the high pressure – it sets up a westerly wind for westerners.

“It means periods of cloudy weather and some precipitation. Initially – Thursday and Friday – it will be around 20 degrees, changing cloud cover and periods of sun. But this weekend, there will be more precipitation in some periods,” Grønerud said.

Also, in Central Norway, the weather will be quite good on Thursday and Friday, before the temperatures drop to 15-17 degrees, and it will be more cloudy and rainy this weekend.

“Northern Norway will not get to enjoy the heat that is further south. There will be gray weather and temperatures down to 12-14 degrees in the outer regions from Friday onwards. The Finnmark plateau and eastern Finnmark will keep the heat a little longer, but the temperature will also drop there,” according to the meteorologist.

Also cold in the mountains

Many are on summer holidays, which means that many people are probably planning a mountain hike or two before the week is over. Those who have such plans should dress well, according to Granerud.

“The weather will soon become cooler in Northern Norway and on the high mountains in Western Norway. For example, at Sognefjellshytta, the temperature will fall down to 8-10 degrees, and the wind will increase. There may be a gale during the weekend, a wind you’ll notice.”

The meteorologist also makes a small reservation: “All this weather depends a bit on the high pressure and how far north it gets. If it takes the trip further north than the British Isles, it could mean better weather for Western Norway. And from Sunday onwards, there is quite a lot of uncertainty about what the weather will be like.”

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