Pollen allergy is similar to Coronavirus symptoms

Colds, pollen, sneeze, allergy cough.Colds.Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix

The health care system will face challenges in separating allergies from Coronavirus, says allergy expert Sverre Stensvåg, because the symptoms are very similar, NRK writes.

– “What I’m worried about is that many of the symptoms that come from pollen allergies which will begin in the next three to four weeks, are similar to the symptoms to the Coronavirus, and this will cause confusion,” Sverre Steinsvåg told the channel.

He is the department head for the ear-nose-throat section at Sørlandet hospital and professor at the University of Bergen.

– “It will become a huge problem to distinguish what are seasonal allergies and what is the Coronavirus,” he says.

Stensvåg urges the state to prepare for how the health care system will be handling it.

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