The pollen season is over

pollen seasonPollen season. Photo: JANERIK HENRIKSSON / TT / NTB scanpix

The Allergy Association declares that the pollen season is over

This year’s pollen season started very early in parts of the country. But now it’s finally over and done with, according to the Asthma and Allergy Association (NAAF).


– Today, NAAF sends out the last pollen forecast of the year. The pollen season 2017 is thereby past tense! The season had a record start in Western Norway, but otherwise has been quite normal, the association writes.

In Western Norway, the spread of alder and Hazel pollen started already in January.

– It is the earliest time recorded since pollen warning was initiated more than 40 years ago, writes the association.

Late in the North

In other parts of the country, it took much longer before the pollen announced its arrival.

– From Trøndelag and further north, the birch pollen season started unusually late, first as of May 13 in Trøndelag, one and a half week after the ten year average and in Northern Norway correspondingly, last in Finnmark, where the birch pollen season began on June 14.

It has otherwise been an average and fairly normal pollen season.

Not record amounts

– the relative spread compared to the average from one season to the other will always be the case, but there were no record amounts in any area this year.

However, “record season” can be defended in relation to early start in the west and then late in the north, says senior researcher Hallvard Ramfjord in Pollenvarslingen (Pollen warning).

The birch pollen season first started in the south and east, April 21 for South Norway and April 24 for Eastern Norway including Oslo. Trøndelag received the most alder pollen, while Eastern Norway as usual gained the highest total for hazel pollen.

The other pollen seasons started as per usual in eastern Norway and they won the amounts race as well.


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