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The pollen season belatedly under way

Pollen Season TreeReason to sneeze. Photo:

The pollen season under way – later than in several years

This weekend, many people allergic to pollen may feel that spring is on the way. The pollen season is about to bloom in southern parts of Norway.


Pollen analyst at the Norwegian Technical University (NTNU) in Trondheim, Hallvard Ramfjord – who is responsible for pollen warnings for the whole of Norway – says it’s been a long time since the season started as late as it does this year. Last year, the pollen season started as early as in January.

– In the southern and eastern parts of  Norway there has been many years since the winter has been lasting this long, while in Trøndelag we have to go back to to 2013 to find such a late start to the pollen season, says Ramfjord to NRK.

In western Norway, close to the sea, the spread of pollen has already started to a certain degree, but shortly the rest of the country will follow suit. It is alder and hazel that are the first to make an impact, and it is the maturation of the buds that the allergists will notice in time, if they haven’t already .

– It can be a question of hours or days before the spread begins. Even though it’s cold at night, the daytime temperatures are sufficient for maturation to start, says Ramfjord.

Figures from the Norwegian Medicines Agency (Legemiddelverket)  reveal that 875,000 Norwegians purchased prescription drugs against pollen allergy in 2016, which constitutes 17 per cent of the population.


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