Post in Stores overflowing with parcels

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Norwegian Post in Stores are overflowing with parcels

The shops are overflowing with parcels, and several parcels are waiting to be shelved. – Fetch your parcels ASAP, the Post Manager of “Post in Store” at Kjelsås, Tone Johannessen informs VG.


An increasing number of Norwegians are shopping online and the post storages are now overflowing with Black Friday merchandise and Christmas presents. Last Tuesday 290,000 parcels were registered at “Post in Store” across Norway. That is 100,000 more than usual.

Most parcels are registered in Oslo. There it was registered about 45,000 parcels.

Outside Coop Prix at Kjelsås, Post in Store has placed two large containers brimming with mail. The Mail Manager, Tone Johannessen, informs that it all started with the Black Week sale.

– On average, we received 15 containers with between 50 to 70 parcels a day, she tells VG.

Parcels in the food storage area

Several Post in Store has had to find alternative solutions to accommodate all the parcels. At Kjelsås they have borrowed storage space from the store. Now the parcels are lined up, past the recycle machine and further into the storage area.

She explains that they thought they were prepared and that they had already ordered a container in advance of Black Week sales in late November.

– But that did not suffice, and on Tuesday we got another one.

Soon that is also full. The parcels contained in the containers remain until there is space in the storage shelves inside the store itself.

The store at Kjelsås has had Post in Store for almost five years. Johannessen says she has never experienced anything similar.

– It has really exploded. Before, it was only “Black Friday”, but now it has become “Black Week” and now head for Christmas with the same amount of parcels expected.

Do not believe that the peak is reached

Press Officer in the Norwegian Postal Service (Posten Norge), John Eckhoff, says that so far this year, growth has been between 20 and 30 per cent compared to 2017.

– Before, people started Christmas shopping later, and the peak has been around December 16th. Now it has shifted closer to November, both because people start Christmas shopping earlier and shop on Black Friday. So we do not think the peak has been reached yet, he says, adding that he believes we will see that next week.

Pick up your parcels

Eckhoff explains that the biggest problem is that people do not fetch their parcels quick enough.

– Several in Post in Store say that is that there is a new trend this year involving people shopping at multiple online stores waiting until all the parcels have arrived at the pick-up point before retrieving them, the Press Officer informs VG.

At Kjelsås the problem is just that people do not pick up their parcels. Here there is no room for any more parcels on the shelves and the warehouse is brimming.

– I would like to implore people to come and pick up their parcels as soon as possible. If they come and pick them up, we will have room for more on the shelves.


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