Professor: – We consume one kilo insects a year


Professor: – We consume one kilo insects every year

One kilo every year, that is the amount of insects that you ingest every year, most of them unknowingly.


– Although we clean the berries and vegetables thoroughly, it’s impossible to remove all of them, says biologist at the University of Örebro in Sweden, Alf Ekblad, to the newspaper Nerikes Allehanda.

And it’s not just in the berries we pick ourselves that contain hidden insects . Even the food we buy in the store contain insects.

In the US, a research team has prepared a list of maximum values of insect fragments foods may contain. Among other things, half a kilo of berries can contain up to four larvae and 100 grams of chocolate 60 fragments from insects.

But insects in the food are not entirely a bad thing, according to Ekblad.

– In the insect there is a lot of protein. Then there are also flies which are larvae for a long time and contain a lot of fat, something we for example can use as frying fat in the future, the professor suggests.


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