Quality rib in high demand

rib dinnerTraditional Pork rib sells like hot-cakes before the festivities. Photo: Meny.no

Quality rib in high demand before the Yuletide

Price war aside; Norwegians want to pay a little extra for quality when shopping for the Yule dinner. – Our premium ribs increase the most in sales. This revival of quality is very pleasing, category-responsible for fresh products in Meny, Espen Lie exclaims.


There has been a lot happening regarding ribs in the last three to four years. The range has increased considerably.

– We have more than 18 varieties of ribs, all from frozen, fresh, spicy and pre-cooked. The best seller is still fresh thin rib. While the family rib reduces somewhat in sales, the demand for different variants of premium rib increases, Lie informs.

For example, the organic rib from Grøstadgris is very popular, far exceeding the volume available, while the «Dry Age» rib from Trondheim’s slaughterhouse doubled in sales last year and increased another 76 per cent this year. In addition, the frozen quality rib «Jæren Smak», based on a select hand-cut gourmet rib from large pork in Rogaland, has become a favourite for many, who are willing to pay a little extra. Despite major sales volumes last year, Meny sells ten per cent more of this in 2018.

Could have sold much more

Also, the fresh rib – which is not as exposed to the large price squeeze – holds the fort. 70 per cent of all the rib that Meny offers are fresh. This year, the chain has fresh rib available throughout December due to ordering large quantities in summer.

– This year, premium ribs will account for one-third of our total sales. We sell out everything we can get hold of. I wonder how much we could have sold – if we had an unlimited supply. As a chef and leader of the Meny Guild of craftsmen, it is very pleasing to see a steady customer turn towards quality, at a time when low-cost has a lot of attention, Lie continues.

Choosing the ”right” rib

  • Choose pieces of ribs according to your preferences. Family rib, which includes the pork chop, has less fat and more pure meat – therefore, it often favoured by families where some want lean meat while others prefer traditional. The Yule-rib consists of the same piece as the family variant, but the pork chop bone is removed, providing a more even piece of meat. This makes it easier to both cook and divide. The Thin rib has a nice distribution of meat and fat, which provides a nice taste and ensures juiciness.
  • Do not buy too lean rib. A rib with great layers of fat and meat gives more flavour, and the fatty layer under the skin is also important for achieving bacon crisp.
  • Fresh and frozen quality rib. Most people wish for fresh rib, but the volume is limited to a few weeks before the Yuletide. Instead of buying fresh and freezing yourself, an alternative is to buy a professionally frozen gourmet rib, such as «Jæren Smak».


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