Record-high number of young people taking migraine medicine


Never before have so many young people in Norway taken migraine medicine. In the age group 15-19 years old, the increase was 66 percent from 2006 to 2016.


The figure is from the Prescription Register, which also shows that the increase is 29 per cent in the 20-24 age group. Among 25-29 year olds, the increase is 16 percent, NRK reports.


“We have a stressed generation that collects defeat – it trigger migraines,” says neurologist and migraine expert Monica Drottning-Rønne. She thinks the increase is real and is due to a stressed generation with more things to think of than previous generations.


“In the past, sleep, sugar, hunger and stress were triggering migraines.

Today, an addition of two more are: body and screen. We have a stressed generation that is sleeping irregularly, eating too rarely and often unhealthy. The stress takes place in the body. All of these are triggers for migraines, says Drotting-Røne.

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