Remember to get exchange receipt when buying Christmas presents

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Soon the Christmas trade will start to to the full. Remember to get an exchange receipt when buying Christmas presents said the Consumer Council.


Christmas presents are the biggest expense item for many in connection with Christmas celebrations.This year, in a survey done by Ipsos,households will spend NOK 6,145 on gifts on average.That is around 400 kroner more than last year.

If you’re unsure whether the Christmas gift is correct or if there are more who have had the same idea, it’s a good idea to make sure that the gift is easily exchanged.

“Our most important tip is to ask for a swap receipt when buying the Christmas gift. Then you are sure that the person who has the gift may exchange it if it does not fall into their taste. But be aware that the swap can be time-limited” said Thomas Iversen, acting head of Consumer Policy in the Consumer Council.

No statutory replacement

If you do not have a swap receipt, it’s up to the store if you can swap the gift.There is no statutory right to exchange goods or to get a money return.

“But it is our clear impression that the stores are more flexible at Christmas.Most people allow you to swap gifts if they are still in the original packaging.

The replacement of gifts at Christmas is so extensive that you can almost say it has become a custom. My best tip is to ask nicely if one can get the swap with a smile” said Iversen.

Gifts online

Now it’s more and more common to buy Christmas gifts online,and then it’s not possible to ask for a replacement.

‘’As a rule, you have a 14-day deadline for online purchases from receiving the item. This applies to goods purchased from online stores throughout the EEA/EU area.But many online stores are in favour of Christmas special rules,which allow you to swap the items beyond the 14-day deadline.The special rules are usually found on the website, but if you are in doubt,contact theonline store before purchase’’ said Iversen.

He also remembers that it is possible to cancel an item online that has not yet been sent.

“For larger items, you may have to pay a cancellation fee, but it is usually free of charge for smaller orders” said Iversen.


If you buy something that comes digitally, like music, movies or games, the rules become more complicated.

In most cases, you will lose your right of withdrawal when the product is delivered digitally,and the ability to swap is limited. But the advice is, if you are unsure of the reception or if the gift will fall into taste, “give money and write a nice Christmas card” is the advice of the consumer expert.

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