Reptiles could end up under the Christmas tree

Christmas treesChristmas trees.Photo:

Many people wonder if they bring unwelcome little bugs home when the Christmas tree goes up. But this year, there may be reptiles under Norwegian Christmas trees, as gifts.


From August the 15th, it was permitted to keep reptiles as pets. A dealer has sold as many creatures in December as in the previous months put together, wrote Dagbladet newspaper.

‘It has been enormous. We have sold a total of 300 reptiles only in December.

It appears that reptiles are THE Christmas present’, said Richard Johannessen at the zoo store, ‘Zoohjørnet’, to Fredriksstad Blad newspaper.

‘Those who buy reptiles for Christmas are parents with children who want a reptile.

What’s new is that the parents are almost as eager as their children’, said Johannessen.

He emphasised that there is an 18 year age limit for buying reptiles, and that responsibility lies with the adults.

He even thinks animals should not be given as a gift.

‘One must be sure that the person who receives the animal wants it, and can take responsibility for it. We place demands on anyone who wants to buy reptiles.

They must be well prepared.

Although most customers are prepared and knowledgeable, there are several who have not bought them, as they hadn’t thought it through’.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today