Research: meat-eaters age faster

Meat for dinner?Meat for dinner?.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

A diet high in red meat and containing small amounts of vegetables can contribute to people aging faster than their actual age, new research shows.

Biological age has to do with how old your body is physically compared with your actual age, Professor Peter Stenvinkel at the Karolinska Institute explains . He has made the study together with the University of Glasgow in Scotland.
An increased biological age can cause health problems, the researcher says . He points out that food is an important factor in how long people will live.
– In the wealthy suburb of Lenzie in Glasgow he average age among men was 82 years , while in the suburb of Carlton, a few kilometers away, it was only 55 years. It’s a very big difference, says Sten Angle.
In the affluent neighborhood people have a healthier diet and a healthier lifestyle , while in the second district, where people are struggling more to make ends meet, they often resort to so-called junk food.
– They eat more fast food, such as hamburgers. Often the meat is processed and contains phosphates which accelerates aging. They eat less vegetables and fruit, Steinvinkel says .
He adds that not only food, but also other factors; such as smoking, alcohol, lack of physical activity and psychosocial factors; play a part. The researcher also considers gut flora as a major factor – something this study have looked into.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today