Research prizewinner thinks we will be able to slow dementia


Professor Tormod Fladby thinks we are closer to finding a treatment that slows dementia. On Tuesday, he was honored with the Dementia Research Prize.

Fladby, is  professor of neurology and Head of department at Akershus University Hospital. He has researched biomarkers from blood and spinal fluid in the brain and how these can detect dementia at an early stage.

– This has contributed to improved diagnosis and knowledge about the treatment of dementia, writes the National Association of Public Health, who is behind the price.

Fladby’s work has contributed to pioneering new knowledge, according to the citation.

The association cites how he integrates laboratory research and patient treatment work ,whilst being a leader in the research field nationally and internationally.

The winner of this year’s Heart Research Award is  professor and physician at Rikshostpitalet, Lars Gullestad.

– His research on the connection between inflammation and heart failure has contributed to a new appreciation for, and treatment of, heart failure and heart transplants, as cited in the reasoning.

The prizes are are put forward by the National Association of Public Health and awarded to scholars who have achieved significant results within cardiovascular and dementia research in Norway. The price is NOK 200,000, and the amount will be used on further research .


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today