Researcher does not believe Norwegian women will fulfill Solberg’s desire for more children

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“All statistics indicate that Erna Solberg will not fulfill her wish for Norwegian women to give birth to more children,” says Oslo Met professor Einar Øverbye.

According to an article at produced by the Oslo Met, we in Norway have not reproduced ourselves since the 1970s, which means that we have a birth rate of less than 2.1 children per woman – which is what must be done to maintain the population.

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In Norway, the rate has been lower for several years, and figures show that no country that has exceeded the 2.1 limit has ever recovered in short periods.

“No matter how much extra resources we use for families to choose to have more children, birth rates will not rise above 2.1 in the foreseeable future,” says researcher and professor Øverbye.

More older than younger
Statistics from Statistics Norway show that 55,100 children were born in Norway in 2018. This resulted in a total fertility rate of 1.56 children per woman – the lowest ever measured in Norway.

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