Rise of the cabin office? More and more Norwegians want to work from their cabins

Cabin officePhoto: Berit Keilen / NTB

Four out of ten cabin owners in Norway have spent more time in the cabin during the pandemic. The majority of them want to spend the same amount of time in their cabin in the future, to work – among other things.

Among today’s cabin owners, two out of three never use the cabin as an office, according to a survey Ipsos has conducted for DNB Eiendom. 

Future cabin owners, however, envisage combining cabin life with work to a greater extent. Six out of ten envisage working from the “cabin office.”

“Before, people used the cabin on the weekends and when they had a holiday, but now the cabin is also used on weekdays,” segment manager for holiday homes in DNB Eiendom, Tone C. Krange, explained.

New demands

Nature experiences are still important, but future cabin buyers also want broadband, electric car chargers, and accessibility.

“We believe proximity to the cities will be important so that it will be easy to combine cabin life with a hybrid working day,” Krange said.

The pandemic has led to increased interest in owning a cabin, and prices for holiday homes rose by 12.6% in the first half of 2021, according to figures from Eiendom Norge.

So far, there is little indication that the interest will go away. New and younger buying groups have emerged during the pandemic, according to Krange.

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