The risk of cancerous mole is increased for man with overweight

Summer sunSummer sun.Photo. Foto: Kyrre Lien / SCANPIX

New, Norwegian research shows that there is a clear connection between obesity and cancerous mole among men. The higher the BMI, the greater is the risk of developing the cancer type.


At the same time, research shows that weight reduction reduces the risk of breast cancer, writes Dagens Medisin.

“Those who went down two kilograms or more over a decade, reduced their risk by over 50 percent compared to those who held a stable weight,” says post doctor Jo Stenehjem in a press release from the Cancer Registry.

The relationship between obesity and moles is not the same in women, probably because of the tanning habits.

“We think this is about the tanning habits of these women – that they are less exposed than both the normal-weight women and overweight men and their body in the sun,” says Stenehjem.

However, the women had an increased risk of mastectomy on parts of the body that are typically exposed to the sun also, except during pure sunbathing. In addition to weight, researchers estimate that tall people also have an increased risk of breast cancer.


Source: NRK / Norway Today