Salmonella outbreak in ten counties

Photo: Kent Skibstad / NTB scanpix

27 people aged between 2 and 91,from ten counties in Norway are probably infected by the bacterium, Salmonella agbeni.

On Tuesday,the same type of salmonella infection was registered in 21 people, with suspicion that another six people are infected stated the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

The people are aged from two to 91 years of age. There are 11 men and 16 women, from Oslo, Akershus, Buskerud, Østfold, Vestfold,Vest-Agder, Rogaland, Møre og Romsdal,Trøndelag, and Nordland.

Since all patients in the outbreak have a salmonella variant with exactly the same DNA profile,the Food Safety Authority believes there is a common source of infection. Most likely,it is a food item that is distributed throughout the country.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority’s local departments are now interviewing the patients about what and where they have eaten and drunk,as well as what they have been in contact with before they became ill.If a common source of infection from food, animals or the environment is found,the Authority is responsible for leading the tracking work along the food chain.

Every year, between 900 and 1,300 cases are reported to the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. Most are infected abroad.

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