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Sandnes may scrap peak hour tolls

Mayor Sandne, Stanley Wirak LabourMayor of Sandnes, Stanley Wirak (Labour). Photo: Roy Storvik / Rogalands Avis


Sandnes may scrap peak hour tolls

The Mayor of Sandnes Stanley Wirak (Labour) was granted the power of attorney from the city council to withdraw from the City Growth Package (North Jæren) if the requirement to remove the peak hours fee is not met.


A majority formed by Labour (Ap), The Progress Party (Frp) and the Centre Party (Sp) Gives Wirak the mandate he asks for in Monday’s City Council meeting. That means that he can pull Sandnes out of the City Growth Package if he does not gain support for the requirement to remove the peak hours fee, writes Stavanger Aftenblad.

The backdrop of the matter is the controversial introduction of toll walls in Rogaland. In the City Growth Package between Stavanger, Sandnes, Sola and Randaberg, there is a framework for the toll walls and all the projects that the tolls are supposed to finance. It is this part that Sandnes wishes to make changes to.


The Mayor will take part in the renegotiations regarding the said City Growth Package. The introduction of tolls has created a lot of noise and involvement with constant actions and demonstrations as well as sabotage of the toll stations.

According to the newspaper, Sandnes may not actually be allowed to withdraw from the agreement, but the Mayor nevertheless asks for such power of attorney.

– The question is whether we can withdraw from the agreement with the other municipalities and the Norwegian state. Purely formal and legal, we have not received a definitive answer to that. But we can inform the others that we do not want to participate any more, and then it will become a political matter, Wirak states during the meeting of the City Council in Sandnes.


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