Most satisfied with private kindergartens

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Parents with children in private kindergartens are most satisfied

Nine out of ten parents are happy with their kindergartens. The most satisfied are parents with children in private kindergartens, according to a study from the Directorate of Education.

This appears in this year’s edition of the Norwegian Directorate of Education’s parent survey, which was presented on Tuesday.

Nearly 128,000 parents divided into 1,622 private and 1,547 municipal kindergartens were asked, a record high amount of participation. Kindergartens in a total of 287 municipalities have participated in the survey.

Most satisfied with private’s toys and food

Asked about how satisfied or dissatisfied the parents are with their kindergarten, the municipal kindergartens receive a score of 4.4, while the private ones get 4.6, where 5 is the highest.

“We see again that the private kindergartens are doing well on parental surveys. The difference between the satisfaction with the private and the municipalities is not necessarily so great, but it is systematic, and it stands out over time,” says CEO in Private Children’s Kindergarten Association,
Anne Lindboe.

The difference is greatest between municipal and private kindergartens on the parents’ satisfaction with the kindergartens’ toys, equipment and food offerings.

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