Scientists don’t think world population will exceed 11 billion

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What will be the result when the earth’s population only increases and increases? Scientists aren’t so worried. The increase will probably stagnate when we have reached 11 billion show calculations.


Although population growth is putting more pressure on Earth’s resources, the number of people in the world is actually stagnating, Danish scientists believe.

Probably the world’s population will peak at 9, 10 or 11 billion, when the number of newborn children has found a fixed mark, wrote ‘’

The reason is that children survive for several years longer than before, while women generally give birth to fewer and fewer children.

Still more

The researchers believe that the world’s countries will look more similar to each other
as revenues rise and fewer children and adults die from infectious diseases like diarrhoea and malaria.

More and more get the basic needs for water and food and move to cities. In particular, more women get education and an opportunity to work. In addition, they get access to contraception.

All experience shows that when there is an improvement in these parameters, women give birth to fewer children than when they lived under poorer conditions. This has been shown by developments in countries such as Norway and Denmark for several generations.

Reverse concern

“We once had a very high fertility rate of about five live born children per woman, the same as in other former agricultural communities in the West, where there are also far fewer children born today. Now, fertility rates are similar to almost all countries in the world, said Flemming Konradsen at the University of Copenhagen. As a professor of global environmental health,he keeps his finger on the world’s pulse.

If you want to worry about population development globally, you should consider turning your mind around completely. For in a few years, the worry that we will grow more may be a worry that we are getting fewer.

‘’Demand in the population is already a problem in Eastern European countries, Japan and elsewhere. So our attention will turn away from a concern about the increase in population figures to a concern over decline. This means that there will be fewer young people and more elderly,’’ said Professor of Biodemography, James W. Vaupel.

In 1960, the world’s population was 3 billion.

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