See in the dark – Check the lights on the car

Lights Cars Dark AutumnThat the lights are properly adjusted is very important to keep an eye on both the road and roadside. (Photo: Colourbox)

See well in the dark – Check the lights on your car

Does the lights on your car function? Autumn darkness requires working lights on the car. – This time of year it’s extra important to check that the lights work and are properly adjusted, says Senior Communications Consultant in NAF, Nils Sødal.


It’s easy to check if the lights on the car function. In modern cars, one should be notified by looking at the dashboard if a light bulb has expired. But regardless of warning or not, it is wise to walk around the car to check that all the lights work properly. Don’t forget to check the high beam. Brake lights are more difficult to check if you are alone.

– A simple trick is to back up to a (glass) wall to see if the brake lights work when you hit the brakes, Sødal advises.

– A wall can naturally also be used to check the other lights, he continues.

It’s not easy-peasy to switch bulbs on newer cars, and if you can’t do it yourself, you should visit a workshop. If you have an older car, it is often easy to change the light bulbs yourself. But many do so in a wrong manner.

– An easy way to check this is to hold a white sheet of paper in front of the headlights when they are on. If a horizontal clear line appears, the light bulb is inserted correctly. If a circle appears on the sheet where rays point in all direction like a sun, the bulb is inserted incorrectly, says Nils Sødal.

Equally important is that the lights are properly adjusted. That the lights are properly adjusted is very important to keep an eye on both the road and the roadside. Light adjustment can be done at either a workshop or a NAF Centre.

Worn lenses

Even if all lights work properly, worn lenses can make you see less in the autumn darkness. Weather, wind, salt, dust, sand, snow and rain whip right against your headlights every time you drive. Eventually, the lenses become worn and dull, and the amount of light actually emitted is reduced.

– Worn headlights must be sanded and polished. This is easier than many believe and there are a number of products on the market, Sødal concludes.


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