We have set an UV record in May – notice of still very high radiation

sunburnsSunburns.Photo: Berit Roald / NTB scanpix

It has never been measured such high UV radiation for the month of May as of this year. Monday and Tuesday there are reports of continued strong radiation.


There is no hole in the ozone layer, but a lot of sun has ensured that there is now a high rate of UV rays, according to NRK.

“It has never been measured so much UV radiation for the month of May. This applies to all of southern Norway and up to Trøndelag,” says Lill Tove Nilsen, researcher on UV radiation, from the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority.

The sun shines unprecedented, and thus the radiation continues. The warning on Yr.no is strong or very high radiation in most of southern Norway. Wednesday is improving, but there is still reason to use sunscreen or cover up. A siesta in the shade in the middle of the day can also do damage, especially to children.

“Small children have thin skin and thus a need to protect the skin properly,” says Hallvard Reigstad, Senior Secretary at the children’s department at Haukeland University Hospital.

He says the situation is perceived as extreme. Children exposed to strong sunlight can have long-term sun damage.

“Much indicates that both total exposure to heavy sunlight and repeated sun damage leads to skin cancer,” he says.


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