Several have married in their own living room – now there may be national guidelines for home weddings

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Several priests are open to marrying people in their own homes. The Lead in the Norwegian Church will look at the need for national guidelines for home ceremonies together with the bishops.

It is nothing new that people in Norway ask to be wed in their own garden, or at another private property, and in recent years there has been a gradual softening, writes the newspaper Dagen.

The newspaper tells of parish priest Nils Terje Andersen in Vågsbygd, west of Kristiansand, who probably belongs to one of the rarities, but who has wed around ten couples at home in their own living rooms over the past ten years. The reason, for example, have been health problems with one of the guests or the bridal couple.

“There is something incredibly wonderful about the church coming home and blessing marriage and home,” says Andersen, who calls it ‘short-distanced marriage’ and points to reduced pressure on lavish dresses and celebrations as benefits.

The newspaper has talked to several pastors who are open to home weddings, but want clarification at a national level and wants similar guidelines across the country.

President Olav Fykse Tveit writes to the newspaper that he will address the bishops if there is a need for further discussion on common national guidelines for marriages at home.

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