Shopping for 110 billion this summer

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We will be shopping for NOK 110 billion this summer

In July and August, Norwegians and tourists alike, will make purchases for NOK 110 billion, estimates the Norwegian Business Owners Organization, Virke. Cold and wet weather will spell good news for the shopping malls, while Sunshine and warm weather will boost the grocery sales.


– The summer months are important months for many shops around Norway, especially in typical holiday communities with many cabins and popular tourist attractions, says CEO of Virke specialist trade, Bror William Stende.

Estimates show that shopping in Norwegian stores will increase by 2.5 per cent – to NOK 100 billion – compared to the same period last year. Norwegian and foreign online trading, border trade and other shopping outside of fixed sales outlets are expected to increase by around 13 per cent to NOK 10.5 billion.

The weather affects the shopping pattern

The weather has Traditionally been very important for how much and what we buy during the summer months. Cold and wet days are positive for the stores in malls. If we are blessed with Sun and warm weather, we will spend less time in the stores and treat ourselves to something extraordinary to eat and drink.

Summer important for the holiday communities

The summer is important for all trade and 17, 3 per cent of the annual turnover in 2017 came in July and August.

– Cabin goers and tourists help many municipalities to have a real boost in trade in July and August. The summer shopping in southern Norway was of great importance, where sales in July and August accounted for 19.2 per cent of the annual sales, says Stende.

In a few municipalities such as Moskenes in Nordland and Aurland in Sogn og Fjordane, summer shopping is of the utmost importance. In those communities trading in July and August represents 32, 9 and 31.2 per cent of the yearly turnover, respectively.

The summer is also important for municipalities such as Rødøy in Nordland, Hvaler in Østfold and Tjøme in Vestfold, which experience somewhere between 29 and 30 per cent of their annual turnover during those 2 months.

The figures have been prepared by Kvarud Analyze on behalf of Virke.


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