Simple measures insures you against burglary

burglaryBurglary.Photo: Pixabay

Simple measures insures you against burglary

The number of burglaries in Norway is still decreasing. According to the police, this can be partly explained by the fact that people are better at securing and that more and more people have acquired home security systems. 


Sector Alarm’s goal is to contribute to this positive trend. We therefore wish that the average Joe will be even better at securing his home. Not only when leaving for holidays, but throughout the year. Our experience shows that simple steps can significantly reduce the risk of burglary.

– It is important to take some precautions to avoid burglary. It can be as simple as not to leave valuables on display and to make sure that all windows are closed properly. Additionally we know that one in four of all home burglaries where there is no alarm could be avoided if alarms were installed, says Sigurisvoll, CEO of Sector Alarm.

Police Commissioner Stig Vasbø, Head of Intelligence and Profit Section at Majorstua Police Station in Oslo, confirms the effect of an alarm.

– Our experience is that a home alarm system has a preventive effect and additionally contributes to the fact that the criminals are very short at the crime scene when the home alarm goes off. House alarms are helpful when it comes to documentation, to ensure the correct time of an event, and last but not least, that the police get to the scene quickly, he says.

Use the alarm – 24 / 7

Currently there are over 430,000 homes in Norway that are secured by residential alarms connected to an alarm station. There are however many who do arm the alarm when they are at home, in the belief that burglars do not break into homes when people are present.

– This is unfortunately not the case. Burglaries also occur when people are at home and when they are sleeping. Therefore, we recommend employing the alarm not only when out of the house, but also when you are at home. All alarms can be equipped with so-called “shell protection” meaning that you can move freely inside when the alarm is active, says CEO in Sector Alarm, Viggo Skeisvoll.

We also see that more burglary is taking place on the 2nd floor. Do not make it simple for the thieves. A good advice is therefore to put away ladder and tools into the garage or lock it to prevent the equipment from becoming an aid to burglars.

Take hold yourself!

In order to avoid house break-ins, everyone should make it difficult for prospective thieves and make it look as if you are home. Sector Alarms Advices the following for Daily Home Security:

  • Remove ladders and the like
  • Procure an alarm with response and use it.
  • Avoid having windows in the airing position unless you are awake and present.
  • Check if there is a block between the door frame and the wall behind the lock of the front door, this makes it difficult to break the door down.
  • Lock doors and close windows that are out of your immediate vicinity.
  • Use only insurance-approved doors, windows and locks.
  • Remember to vary the lighting. You can do that with SmartPlugger, timers or photo cells.
  • Use a camera or camcorder to make an overview of your valuables. Mark them. Save your photos. Store the most valuable items in a security deposit box.


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