Six out of ten think there is too much drinking pressure

drinking wineDrinking wine.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

Nearly six out of ten, 57 percent, say they agree with the statement that there is “too much drinking pressure in Norwegian drinking culture.”

TNS Gallup has surveyed popular attitudes for the Health Policy Barometer. Only 6 percent say they “totally disagreed” with the statement ” Is there too much drinking pressure in Norwegian drinking culture”, writes the newspaper Vårt Land.
The findings do not surprise researcher Hilde Pape at the Department of Drug Abuse at the Public Health Institute.
– Drinking pressure is often indirect. People will demand an explanation if you refrain from drinking in settings where it is the norm, she says.
The researcher also thinks that pressure can be perceived clearly.
– If you do not drink, almost regardless of the reason, many will experience the drink pressure quite strongly.
She emphasizes that she has no knowledge of the methodology of the survey nor the quality of it.

Source; NTB scanpix / Norway Today