Slight decline in Norwegians’ view of their own health

People at Karl Johan in OsloPeople at Karl Johan in Oslo.Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB scanpix

81 percent say they have good or very good health, compared to 79 percent in the previous Statistics Norway survey.

In the survey on health conditions and living conditions, which Statistics Norway (Statistics Norway) submitted on Thursday, cited fewer obesity as a factor, ie a BMI of 27 or above.

Here, 35 percent answered the question in the previous survey in the affirmative. Now the percentage is 30.

Dental health also appears to be developing well. Here, 78 percent say that they have good or very good dental health. The corresponding figure in the previous survey is 75 percent.

When it comes to daily smoking, the percentage has gone down. Last, 11 percent stated that they smoked every day. Now the percentage is 10, a decrease of 10 percentage points from 2008.

Fewer are drinking sugary drinks. In the previous survey, the proportion was 9 against 7 percent now. Since 2008, this is a decline of 10 percentage points.

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